Dyslexia Solutions For Life


Davis® Math Mastery Program

* Program designed for children age 8 to adults of any age. 

*Program is individualized to resolving barriers with mathematical concepts and operations. 

*The program covers mastery of basic language symbols, mastery of foundation concepts underlying all mathematics, such as cause and effect and sequence; Davis® series of 12 math function exercises; and introduction to use of Davis® Symbol Mastery for math glossary and story problem words.

*Support training for family members or tutor.

Davis® Attention Mastery

*Program designed for children age 8 to adults of any age.

*Program is individualized to resolving problems commonly associated with ADHD or executive function difficulties, such as difficulty sustaining attention and completing tasks, disorganization, and poor impulse control.

*Covers training in Davis® orientation techniques, and guided concept mastery to build insight and understanding through exploration of concepts such as consequence, order vs. disorder, and responsibility. 

*Program length may vary from 5-8 days.

Davis® Reading Program For Young Learners

*Program designed for children age 5 to 7, along with a family member or other support person. 

* This program is geared toward the developmental needs of younger children, and provides a basic introduction to key Davis® techniques for maintaining focus and controlling energy level, clay modeling for learning alphabet and mastery of basic sight words, and Davis® Reading Exercises for building word recognition and reading fluency.

* The program is intended to provide foundation for the child while also providing coached training to the support person who will continue to work with the child after the program. 

*Programs are scheduled for half-day sessions, over a series of 10 days, with support person present for the majority of program time.