A Different Approach To Learning

It's Not About Intelligence 

It's About Understanding How You Learn And Then Making The Necessary Adjustments

OUR MISSION                                               OUR VISION

To provide those with Dyslexia and other learning issues with tools to succeed in their education and life.​

To Live in a world where all learning styles are recognized as a gift and valued as such.

There are two types of thinkers - word thinkers and picture thinkers - it is not about intelligence. Word thinkers think in linear thoughts, composing mental sentences....one word at a time. They think at the speed of speech. This is what our educational system is based on. Picture Thinkers, on the other hand, think in 3D, multi sensory images that evolve as more information is added. It is like watching a movie - at such a high speed that is it done on a subconscious level.

 This is how a Dyslexic thinks. Pictures are what gives meaning and understanding... Picture a "Cat" Do you now know what it means? Do you have understanding? Now Picture the word "The" what do you see? What do you understand? Can you tell me what it means? What about "is" "it" "for" "a" "an"  etc.... "This" "is" "where" confusion "happens"..."thus" causing issues "with" reading. "We" "have" "a" program "to" address "the" confusion "thus" eliminating "the" problem. (Try reading those sentences with all the "words" removed....what do you understand? 

Are You Ready To Find A Lasting Solution and Stop the Struggle - To Stop the Confusion

Reach out today to set up a no obligation assessment - What do you have to loose besides the struggle?..... But more importantly - what do you have to GAIN!

Extraordinary Minds --- Dyslexia Explained

Meet the Millers

"Why are things so hard for me and not for everyone else?" Does this sound familiar?

We get your struggles and are here to help. 

Our world revolves around reading and fitting into the "round hole".  But when you struggle with reading, symptoms of ADD/ADHD, or understanding math -you feel like a "square peg" struggling to fit into that round hole .  At Moving Mountains Academy, using the tools and techniques developed by Ron Davis, life skills are developed that move the mountain of frustration and gives you the ability to fit into the that "round hole" should you choose to!

To find out more or to book an assessment to see how the program can work for you -- contact us today!

Picture thinkers can learn to navigate the Word thinking World

UPDATE!!! As of July 20, 2020 - Office has now re-opened for in-person programs- All appointments will follow COIVD-19 Protocol.

In response the COVID-19 restrictions worldwide, I will be able to offer Web-delivered Davis Programs for Reading, Math, Attention and Young Learners. This will be a pilot program that will last through Dec. 31, 2020. Please Contact me for more information.