Moving Mountains Academy

Putting Success Back Into Your Hands

Can the mountain of frustration that comes from having Dyslexia be moved? The answer is YES!

Our world revolves around reading. And when you struggle with reading  - the frustration can feel as big as a mountain and just as unmovable. At Moving Mountains Academy, using the tools and techniques developed by Ron Davis, life skills are developed that move the mountain of frustration and gives the Dyslexic control over the symptoms.

There are two types of thinkers - word thinkers and picture thinkers - it is not about intelligence. Word thinkers think in linear thoughts, composing mental word at a time. They think at the speed of speech. This is what our educational system is based on.

Picture thinkers, on the other hand, think in 3D, multi sensory images that evolve as more information is added  It is like watching a movie, but happens at  such a high speed that it is on a subconscious level. This is a Dyslexic.

Picture thinkers can learn to navigate the Word thinking World